Transmission slippage

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Transmission slippage

I have a 1995 Ford Probe, the transmission slips badly once the vehicle gets warmed up. Would this be the computer sensor? Or would it possibly just be low fluid or dirty fluid and filter? Combination? Which would be recommended to try first? Thanks for any help
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Honestly, Unless you are low on fluid, it's probably too late. Your Transmission needs to be serviced periodically, not once it starts slipping. Servicing it now won't help.
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I agree. Tranny does sound like toast. How many miles and when was the last time it was serviced?
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Transmissions, nasty buggers.

Since more and more electronic sensors are built into the computer to control everything, some of these affect the operation of the transmission, especially when it comes to knowing when it is the optimal time to shift or lock the torque converter. So the best advice I can give is to pull codes and resolve all outstanding sensor issues.

There really is little else you can you yourself. But you can save a ton of money if turns out to be a sensor problem that is used as input for transmission shifting, locking operations. There could be as many as 6 or 12 secondary sensor feedbacks that we don't commonly think of as transmission input.

Of course, if this problem has been growing slowly over time and did not appear suddenly last Tuesday, then the odds are against it being a sensor. For example, worn bands become worse over weeks and months of driving. Month after month you notice it. Either way, can you afford to ignore the prospect of saving money?
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To all,
Thanks for some sound advice. I'm just trying to make myself a little smarter before I let a transmission "expert" tell me I need a new tranny when I may not need anything more than filter, fluid, sensors, or adjustment. The more information I get from places like this, the more I sense that is not the case but I wanted to know for sure. Plan for now is to fix anything exterior that I can (filter, fluid, sensors, modulator valve) and if that does not help, then I bite the bullet on a rebuild or new trans. Thanks again

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