1973Plymouth Duster Ignition Wiring


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Matt Kobylinski
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My daughter has a 1973 Plymouth Duster that she is learning on as her car and project of love. It has a long way to go and I cannot help due to handicaps. Her problem is as follows. It is a 318 Automatic, but the engine is not the original. She has no idea what the wiring pattern is for the engine. Can anyone help? Is there more than one and is there a way to tell what year the engine is if the wiring is different. No air or extras and looks like a 70ish engine. Thanks.
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It is unlikely that the complete wiring harness was replaced with a different wiring harness when the 318 engine was replaced with another 318 engine. Save yourself the misery of learning all the possible wireing harness's for all years of all 318 engines. Just start with describing the one single problem that led you to make your post for help. In short, what's the problem with the car bub? Give us something more direct and a little easier to solve.
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vin numbers

Vin numbers and engine numbers would be a good place to start. there also might be some info on a label in the glove box of options.
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Matt Kobylinski
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I appreciate your thoughts, I am rather ill and trying my best to help her out. She is not here right now, but when she comes in, I will have her read both of your responses to see if she can explain it all and I don't think she will know where an engine number is, if you could at least let he know. I really appreciate this service.
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mike from nj
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is there any rust on this car----if not, you should just sell it to me, i'll be glad to buy it and drive it across country.

what is the problem she's having--do you need to know the firing order for the spark plug wires or the regular small wires to the distributor and coil and everything else?

on the block, stamped in the front of the engine, directly below the driver's side cylinder head will be a few numbers which will include the engine size and a coded number for the year--it might be behind the p/s pump if it has one.

there's a much larger engine number cast heavily into the side of the block right above the starter, will say either 318 or 360, might also have the last year of the date, like a 3 or 5, meaning 73 or 75.

mike van---the only thing in this glove box would be my registration and my insurance card. only on a chevy (i think) would you find coded letters showing options.
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Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike I did not know that RPO codes were only found on Chevy in the glove box.Never too old to learn something
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A Chrysler product of this vintage should have a broadcast tag on the fender. That will reveal some of the options it had originally. Most of them could be found in an old Chrysler parts book.

I'm still not clear on what the actual problem is. One thing that will be handy. Shop Ebay or visit your library for some old Chilton/Motor manuals which will be invaluable to learn from if she is doing a project.

My sister's first car was a 1974 Gold Duster slant 6 that we got at a PA auction for $700 in 1983. My dad fixed it up, my sister drove it it for 2.5 years and we flipped it for double what we paid for it (my dad got her a 1979 Cutlass in 1985 from the Caddy dealership he worked at then for $900). I saw that car WELL into the 1990's as a local guy bought it to run back and forth to college in upstate NY. It probably never failed him once, neither did it fail us.

Big problems on these are rotted K frames. Make sure the car is solid before sinking any big bucks into it.

These are crude and rough, but something to be said for Chrysler simplicity back then .

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