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Talking stering

Hay guys hows it goin? Well I have a 79 Gmc seirra 1/2 ton. I have power stering and I was wondering if theres a way to stiffen up my stereing because it take about 3 and 1/2 turns from lock to lock and it seems like theres to much play play for my likeing. the only reason I am asking is because I have driven some newer cars and truck and it seem stiffer than my truck and I like that feeling. its not a big deal cause I can adapt to it but it would be nice. thanks for your help guys. bye matt
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there are a lot of parts that could be worn out. Pitman arm, Idler arm, tie rod ends(4), steering knuckle in the steering shaft. Also your steering gear box could be out of adjustment. I would start with the Idler and Pitman arm as well as the tierod ends.
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The steering geometry is what it is on this vehicle. No way to really make it "tighter".

As BeJay said, you likely have worn front end parts. On a vehicle this old with questionable history, if it were mine, the whole front end would be thrown out for new parts this way nothing wears something else out, it's safe and it will ride like new.

Most times the problems lie in the steering end of things, but the balljoints and suspension items are probably old and tired on a truck this old.
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Yep, had a 75 chevy 4x4. No feel steering I called it. Way it was made, as all components were tight underneath. Had to wind it up to turn a corner.
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Thanks guys for your help. I will be adding that to the list of things to do. Right now it seems like geting the stering checked out will be number 2 in my list of things to do. first is the engin cause it has some knocking and I dont want to throw/bend a rod so that should be number 1. then number 3 would be geting the breaks checked out. they seems to work just fine but its more than worth it to get them checke out. But after that its pretty much cosmetic, new radio, ect. I have some pictures of my truck on my web site if you want to see it, its at ... Thanks again. Matt
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Thumbs up

Not bad. Looks like it has potential

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