96 kia sephia


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96 kia sephia

hello i have an 1996kia sephia r.s.1.8liter a.t.

the car was running sluggish so i put in new plugs and replaced the gas filter.that helped but now when it idles in gear it's much lower than it is in park.i can ajust the idling when it's in park but after the motor gets warm it drops back down.any ideas on how to fix this prob??? also prob #2 is there a web page that shows diagrams of the vacum hoses?? i noticed there's a vacum hose at the back of the motor and can't find where it goes?? any help would be appreciated..thanks.!!
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mike from nj
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there should be a diagram under the hood showing all the vacuum hoses and where they should be attached(unless a body shop had their hands on the hood already)

i'd fix that first, then worry about the idle problem
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I agree. Try spraying some WD40 around the other hoses after you find the one that is disconnected and where it goes.

If the idle raises when you spray, you found another vacuum leak.

KIA should have online parts catalogs free on the Internet, some of the diagrams there may help you, but as Mike said, use the underhood diagram.

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