Brake Life


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Brake Life

2001, Hyundai XG300XL, 6 cyl Automatic......I beleive that with front disc and rear drum brakes the fronts wear before the rear. Is this also true of cars with front & rear disc brakes?
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Depends on brake material, the vehicle, and driving habits.

Most FWD tend to wear out the front brakes before the back.
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I've always been told no matter what brake configuration, driving habbits, ect. that the fronts will always wear faster than the rears since they do a larger part to stop a vehicle.

If your rears are wearing faster then you have a problem, Most commonly a sticking caliper for disc or a dragging e-brake for drum.
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Long time no see. How is the old Poncho project coming?

Both my '79 and '80 Trans Ams are featured in "The History of the Firebird" by Marc Cranswick. The book should be at Barnes and Noble by now if you want to check it out.

My cars are on pages 81 and 87.

Good luck with your project. May the old Chief live a long life .
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Been a busy summer (too many projects and not enough time) so haven't got much done on the old Poncho. I check in here every now n then but most of the problems are out of my shade tree knowledge. So i just haven't found anything that I can add to.

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Thumbs up

Good to hear it's still in focus (somewhat). Ya, busy summer for me too and I have a load of work to do around the house, so the car stuff will sit for a while (some of it).

You can always post your Poncho questions here and some of us will jump in and answer. I probably have encountered it before, as has someone else here. So, feel free to ask.

Thanks for the good words---yea, it's a nice feeling.

I've always said it, restore an old piece of US iron and keep our history alive. Nothing like an old car turned from junker to jewel.
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Yes front brakes wear faster then rears as stated they do most of the work when all the weight shifts forward.

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