Electrical problem


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Electrical problem

Hi guys. I have a 87 Chrysler Fifth Avenue with less than 80,000 miles. Lately I have been having electrical proglems.
Here are the problems:
1. The radio keeps blowing fuses. I checked the panel and there is a 3/4" round alum thing in there that is burning hot when I tough it. What is that thing and should I replace it???
2. The right turn signals blinks about 3 times, slowly, and then stops. I replaced all the bulbs but it still does it. The left signals work perfect. Could it be the sockets, the wires going into the sockets or what???
Could all this be caused by that overheated thing in the panel??? The book does not identify that thing. It has 3 prongs on it oddly placed. Any ideas???
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The round thing you talk about sounds like your turn signal flasher which is likely the turn signal issue especially if the hazards work OK.

The radio is likely a different problem---short of some sort. Is the radio stock or was there an aftermarket radio installed?
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unplug that hot round thing and see if the turn signals or hazards work at all, at this point, it's the cheapest thing you could do

unplug the radio and drive it for a few days, if the fuse stops blowing, you found the problem, as there are a lot of things on that circuit too.

let us know

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