Tire rotation


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Jerry Daun
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Tire rotation

I just had my tires rotated. The shop recommended that I also have the tires balanced.

My question: Should I have the tires balanced at time of rotation or am I being sold a bill of goods?

Thanks for your reply

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darrell McCoy
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Lots of opinions on this I am sure, whatever you like is what you should do. I rotate both vehicles every 6-7000 miles and dont rebalance. Never had a problem. Pretty normal for a good shop to ask about balance. Here, I get a dealers rotation for 10.95. W/O balance.
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If you have a good floor jack, stands and a good torque wrench, you can do this "service" yourself.

I don't rebalance tires unless there's a problem or I'm getting new tires.
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If your tires don't vibrate(you'd notice it more during higher speeds) I wouldn't have them balanced.

Some shops will rotate and balance your tires for free if you got the tires from them.

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