Not sure what this means


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Question Not sure what this means

'88 Dynasty, 3 litre, 250,000 km, mostly hwy and real clean.

After procrastinating for too long, I decided to let a local garage replace the timing belt, as well as the preventative replacement of the water pump on my wife's wheels.
When I stopped in to see how it was going the three mechanics were standing around the engine compartment looking glum.
The head guy said there may be something else wrong and left.
The young'un was stumped.
When he put a wrench on the crank to bring the mark to TDC, the crank felt as if something was binding and it couldn't be turned quite up to the mark. Seems like there was a problem inside.
Yet, you can crank the engine without the timing belt on and it spins without the starter sounding like it was laboring.
The mechanic didn't have an answer right then and I left saying I would ask a friend who knows more than I do about these engines.

Any friends out there?
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as far as i know it isnt an interference engine but it still probably isnt a good idea to be turning the crank much with the belt off and especially not cranking it and if it is just being replaced as maintence they should of lined up all the marks before even removing the timing belt.
they are probably just feeling the compression of a cylinder that happens to have both valves closed you could tell this by removing all plugs and then attempting to turn it to tdc by hand.
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The timing belt is being replaced because it broke.
The water pump is being replaced because it is in the same area as the timing belt.
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i've never seen a 3.0L bend valves, not saying it can't happen, anything is possible, but it's supposed to not be an interferance engine.

i'm trying to picture your description. with the belt off, is it hard to turn or stops completely before it reaches the mark. if it is harder to turn---it sounds like normal compression your fighting. if it stops dead cold, it's hitting something somewhere, try turning the cams slightly and see if it makes a difference.

is the intake manifold off, some people take it off to properly replace the water pump(one bolt in particular) maybe a nut found it's way into the engine and is causing the piston to not want to come up all the way(i've seen this more than i care to comment)

was the belt wrapped all the way around a gear or two, or did it just shear some teeth off(when you say broken) when it wraps around stuff, it usually does some damage to the gears, maybe a gear's pin got sheared and isn't at true TDC.

whatever you do, replace the little bypass hose too, it has a habit of popping at the least convenient time.

let us know what happened
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I'll check to see if they did remove the intake. Most shops take a lot of shortcuts so they would replace the pump with as little effort as possible.

I tried to move the crank myself - belt not installed. As the line came up to the mark there was a lot of resistance. I pulled quite hard, using about a 10" 1/2" drive ratchet.
Funny part was you could then turn the key and it would spin over.
Kinda subjective with my experience, but with all the plugs in the starter didn't seem to be laboring.
I asked the young'un if he had taken any of the plugs out and he replied with "some of them are kinda hard to get out".

I know what your thinking but in a small town you have to go with what you got.
I'll be heading over there shortly and fear that they may have lost interest, giving me the stock answer, "further diagnosis will require major dissasembly".

Thanks, I'll let you know.
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When I arrived back at the shop this morning the mechanic had the car half back together.
He did as I suggested yesterday...... forced the crank the slightest amount to align the marks.
He lined everything up, installed the belt and when he tried the starter it fired up, dropped to idle and he ran it for about ten seconds with no problems???

He's going to put it back together and I'll see what happens.

I'll let you know.
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I think that there is no real problem here .

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