Volkswagen Jetta power windows.


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Volkswagen Jetta power windows.

Both front power windows on my 1997 2 liter Jetta have stopped working, first on the passenger side several months ago and now the drivers side. The dealer will charge close to a 1000 bucks to get them both repaired. I have found a place that a can get used replacement motor / regulator for 100 per side. The haynes book is pretty bad at explaining the procedure.

I wanted to know if its possible to change just the motor or do I have to take the whole door, regulator and glass apart? How can I find a good drawing or procedure of how this all fits together?
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The '97 Jetta is a different body style from the 2000 my sister has, but the 2000 has a recall/problem with the windows and motors failing.

My sister has had it fixed no fewer than 5 times under warranty. The whole vehicle is bottom barrel quality (including blowing a head gasket at 15k....the dealer tried to stick my sister with the repair, but she had proof it was their error so they ate the repair....LOL) Something worth investigating with your dealership to see if there's any assistance they would provide.

I wouldn't use used window motors here. These are notoriously bad as you can imagine. Only new OEM motors otherwise you might do the job twice. Some of these can be tricky to do, get a good shop manual from VW if you attempt it yourself so you have all the right information.
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I would definately talk to a new dealer because $500 per side is way too much. The regulator is only around $150.00 each and the labor should be no more than 2 hours per side. That would mean they are charging you about $175 per hour for labor. WAY TOO MUCH!!!
Seek a second opinion, and as Joe said.... dont use a used motor. I dont like to use used parts on anything, unless the used part comes from my collection. Then it isnt something electrical.
Hope this is helpful to ya.

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