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I have an 86 plymouth reliant 2.2L engine, the problem is overheating I have replaced the themostat, water pump and the radiater is less than two years old
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Run it briefly without the stat in there. Let's see what you get (could have gotten a defective stat).

These engines are known for head gasket failures----rent a cooling system analyzer from Autozone, check it out and tell us what you find.
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The good news is that you already replaced all the expensive items that are needed to address the problem.

The next place to look is the resevior tank, for cracks.

Of course, I am a little worried that you replaced the radiator some time ago, then much later, you replaced the water pump. Was the old radiator leaking water, or just old and inefficient at disappating heat?

How much water a week or day does it use up?
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the most obvious thing to check is to make sure the fan comes on at 212F, a thermometer in place of the radiator cap is the easiest way to check that.

did it just start overheating after the water pump replacement?

if the "old faithful geyser" comes out of the radiator neck long before it reaches 212F, it could either be an air pocket in the cooling system(in the cylinder head) or a leaking head gasket(causing the big air pocket).

make sure nothing is in front of the radiator, like leaves or a nest. make sure the thermostat is even opening, cheap ones can fail rather quickly.

(old faithful is when the coolant shoots 2-5 feet out the radiator, depending on the severity of the problem)

let us know what you find
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thanks for the help i changed the thermostat again and also replaced the radiator cap so far so good
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Good to hear.

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