need help w/fuel pump


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need help w/fuel pump

I have a 1988 Chevvy Corsica w/2.8 multi port.I believe the fuel pump has gone bad,but,never having changed one before,I would apppreciate any tips,help,or advice.Being fuel injected I imagine the pump is in the gas tank aside from that I'm at a loss as what to do next.
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Hard? No. Nasty/dirty job? Yes.

Check below for R&R instructions. Yes, it is in the fuel tank.
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If memory serves correct, this one is TOO bad to do. You'll probably have to remove the heat shielding that is attached to the bottom of the car, above the exhaust system. You'll also have to remove the rubber filler tube/hose, and the vent hose from the gas tank. You'll have to have "elbow grease" and patience for this..They're usually tight, and not much room, but they will come off.
There are 2 bolts that hold the straps in place. They'll either be 13mm or 15mm. I don't know what you have to use to support the tank, but 2 floor jacks, and some wood will do..And an extra pair of hands to help steady it!
Once the straps are down, slowly lower the tank a few inches at a time. There are 2 fuel lines, 1 for feed, and 1 for return. I THINK it'll take a 16 mm wrench, and a 19mm.. There's also a vent vaccum hose to remove. The electrical connector for the fuel pump should have about a 12-14" "lead" away from the pump assembly.
Be careful when undoing the fuel lines..Pressure will cause the fuel to spray!! Use some rags!! Also each line has a little o-ring..Don't lose them!!
Once the tank is out, clean off the top of the tank completely!! Remove the lock ring, and take the pump and guage assembly out. becareful not to bend the float!
I'd also recommend changing the fuel filter..Most places won't warranty the pump if you don't...
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do the simple stuff first.

if you spray something flammable into the throttle body---will it run for as long as you spray?

do you have a good consistent spark on each wire while cranking?

get a good size rubber mallet and bang the fuel tank bottom WHILE someone else cranks the engine(same theory as a hammer on a starter). this usually jars the pump into temporarily running

maybe let it idle until the fuel level goes down to about 1/8 tank or less, it makes any tank dropping job much easier.

a bad crank sensor will make a fuel pump not run(as well as no spark sometimes)

things to think about
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