Car door out of alignment


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Car door out of alignment

I searched through all the topics and couldn't find anything similar so I wanted to ask.

Car: 1995 Honda Accord and is manual 2.2 4 door LX

I have a door on the drivers side that is sagging a bit and not lining up correctly. the car hasn't been in an accident. I have looked at adjusting, but I don't know what to adjust and don't want to mess with it and make matters worse. My molding has about a 1/8" gap or more at the top and gets progressively worse as you work your way to the back of the door.

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Short of having the proper service manual, best bet is to call a dealer or good body shop and ask how they are adjusted.

Many times the hinge straps at the body end are adjustable, but you have to do it right or else it will be worse.

May have worn hinges or hinge pins----hinges rarely sag on their own.
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Here is a link to an older article in this forum explaining one method to correct your door alignment.

If for any reason the link does not work, the post can be found on 01-26-01 in this forum. Other than that, I'm not sure how else to point to it, except to search for 'Hilda' the original poster.

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