Safari turn flashers >gone?<


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TJ Dean
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Unhappy Safari turn flashers >gone?<

I'm working on our 95 GMC Safari van for vehicle inspection, and am unable to locate the 'turn signal "flasher"' unit. I've read many other posts in this forum and am pretty certain what I need to do once I find it.

Background...when I click the turn signal to the left or right position, the lights internally and externally come on, but they don't 'blink'. they just stay on. The hazard lights blink properly.
I have the original owners manual and a Haynes manual, both of which don't have enough detail. I've been ubable to log in to '', but did check the, which didn't give me the info I need....good stuff though, thanks for the link.

I've tried locating the 'flasher' unit - just under the lower trim panel, below the hood release - and can't find any connection or 'loose - unattached' parts that may be what I'm looking for. Is it possible that during some previous work (we're 2nd owner), the trim panel and flasher unit may have been taken off and discarded?

My next step is to go to a parts store, purchase a correct flasher unit, and see if I can match it to anything under the dash, in the vicinity of where the manuals have directed me.

Can you give me or direct me to any information on what this unit may look like? Any other thoughts would be helpful.

Thanks in advance, I find your site extremely useful.
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According to Alldata the turn signal flasher is located on the left hand side of steering column. It may be included in the fuse box. The flasher should be either round, about the size of a quarter and possible yellow plastic, or aluminum, or it may be about 3/4" to 1" square. Turn the ignition on and work the flasher arm while you are looking under the dash. You should hear a click when the signal is actuated. If you dont hear anything then place a finger on anything that looks like what I described and work the signals and you should "feel" a click. There are 2 flashers. One other thing to do is turn on the hazards, since they work, and look and listen for the flasher. The T/S flasher should look similar.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Further description:

Most times the flasher is just hanging there. Sometimes in a bracket, sometimes not.

Sometimes they are stamped "Sylvania" or "Wagner" and part #552. Sylvania and Wagner are usually the OEM suppliers.

Many times the turn signal flasher and hazard flasher are the same part #.

The Wagner lighting book has typical flasher locations for most vehicles.
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TJ Dean
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Talking Thanks

Thanks for your replies. I had actually found it the next day. It was on the left side next to the fuse panel, black, about 1" square.

Next time, I'll still refer to the manuals I have, but also pay heed to the advice given on this site, since a couple of posts I'd read talked about it being where I eventually found it. I just stubbornly refused to look there initially based on the location the manuals were giving me.

Funny thing is, what should have been a 5 minute locate, pull, purchase, replace relay job ended up with me basically dismantling my entire dash panels. Oh well, good lesson learned.

Thanks again, this site is totally invaluable.
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LOL. Glad you found it.

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