engine swap


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engine swap

Can anyone tell me if I can put a 1990 Ford 302 with fuel injection that came out of a full size Bronco into a 1989 F-250 that has a 351 fuel injected motor in it. If so do I have to change any wiring.
Can I use the computer thats in the 250 or should I use the one from the Bronco. Both vehicles are 4WD. The 250 has a standard transmission and the Bronco is a automatic.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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The engines are virtually the same dimensions as far as the mounting goes. just do the usual swaps...ie. Flywheel, mounts etc. If the fuel injection is the same type then the computers should be similar. If it is different types of FI then you will probably need to swap the computers.
Hope this is helpful ta ya,
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Why would you downsize the motor? There won't be any fuel savings, but power and towing if you use it for that will likely suffer.
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The automatic will more than likely have a different CPU than the standard.
The 302 will have different computer tuning than the 351 as well.
This probably wont cause ill effects, but I would swap them out just to be certain.

The injector harness will work, and the other wiring should be the same, verify if the connectors for the MAS/TPS/MAP..etc sensors are the same.
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Unless the 351 is unrepairable then keep it. The 302 is a dog.
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the computer is usually pre-programmed for a specific engine size, in terms of timing and especially injector sizing and flow rates. i also think the ford computer is specific for a manual or automatic trans

more importantly----ford is the KING of having weird engine packages, in terms of internal vs. external balancing, (remember the 351 cleveland and 351 windsor, nothing was interchangable!)
the flywheel and flexplate probably have different weights for the different engine balancing requirements, and even if you swapped them, it still might not be right. the result will be a shorter life for the engine and a constantly rough idle(out of balance)

if both engines are internally balanced, it would be a possible swap, but i don't know that answer.

my vote---fix the old engine or find a salvage engine that's exactly what's being replaced.
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