90 Lumina Crankshaft Position sensor broke


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90 Lumina Crankshaft Position sensor broke

I need help again with my 1990 Lumina Euro car. The crankshaft position sensor broke when my uncle was taking it out. Any tricks on getting it out? He tried drilling it out with a dremel tool, but he gave up, so now I'm stuck. Once again, all replies will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!
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If you mean part of it is stuck, try using an E-Z out or a left handed drill bit. Those often will remove the stuck pieces.
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You may not want to hear this but removing the oil pan is the best way.You can tap it out with a screwdriver and avoid getting foreign debris in the pan.If it broke off it's likely flush to the block.I advise against attempting to drill it out.
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the reason it broke is because rust built up on the engine block and prevented the o-ring on the sensor from letting it come out.

you need to chip down to a section of that o-ring, pull it out (the o-ring, by breaking it) with a pointy screwdriver, then scrape the rust out of the hole with a screwdriver going in a circular motion(almost like making the hole bigger). once it's cleaned out, the remaining piece 'should' come out as one(hopefully).

if not, like davo said, you need to take the pan down, which won't be fun if i remember correctly.

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