Jeep CJ7--white smoke


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Question Jeep CJ7--white smoke

I have a 1984 CJ7--it's in great shape. Something has just come up though--there is white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. . .this only happens after the engine is good and hot, and typically after I quickly rev the engine for a short burst. I use only high grade gasoline and chand=ge the oil frequently. I do not know much about carburetors--it has one. My question, could this be a carb adjustment or something worse. Anybody?
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mike from nj
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whitish smoke(with a blue tint) that lingers after coming out the tail pipe is usually burning oil

pure white smoke that has a very sweet smell and sorta dissappears/evaporates a little is usually coolant

usually when the valve stem seals are worn, it will smoke most when it's fully warmed up, allowed to idle for like ten minutes, then snap the gas pedal----if you get a big puff, barring a pcv problem, it's usually the valve seals.
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Are you loosing any coolant or automatic transmission fluid? That would be a hint.

Mike: Any chance this car could have a vacuum modulator that is pulling automatic transmission fluid into the intake manifold? He did not say if it is an automatic or not. If it has a vacuum modulator he can check the inside of the vacuum hose with a q-tip for transmission fluid.
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mike from nj
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84 is before my time.

before being bought over, older jeeps should have had the aw30-80le automatics, no vacuum modulator and an extremely reliable unit too(aw=aisen warner)

i'll just say it shouldn't have one.

anything this old is looking at valve stem seals at the least, they might all be laying at the bottom of the oil pan too.
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The easy way to figure this out would be to rent a coolant analyzer from a place like Autozone which will rent it free of charge.

It will come with instructions. If your coolant has hydrocarbons in it, you have a blown head gasket.

Original poster: Are you using any fluids? Which ones? This is a clue where the problem may lie.
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