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'84 Ford Ranger. Warm weather runs good, idles good. No problem. Cold weather runs good but doesn't idle good. Dies at about every stop. Is there an adjustment or something I can make to the choke to solve this problem? Thanks alot.
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few things you can check is remove air cleaner when the engine is cold and hit the throttle to make sure choke is closing, if it is you can start engine and can adjust you fast idle speed screw it may be to low.
if it only idles bad in freezing temperatures check and make sure the vacum lines going to aircleaner are hooked up and that the hot air tube that runs from the exhaust manifold to the aircleaner is there and hooked up you should also note if the door in aircleaner is closing to pull warm air through the aircleaner it should be closed when the engine is running until the engine is warmed up.
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Engine size? Which carburetor?

BeJay gave you some good starting points.
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To Bejay: Thanks alot for what sounds to me like some really good advice. I'll check all that stuff tomorrow (day off).

To Joe_F: I honestly don't know what carburetor it has. It's a rebuilt about 8 years old. 2.8 engine.

Just so you know, I'm no mechanic. Well, about a nickel's worth. I play most of what little I know by ear, or ask someone more knowledgeable, which doesn't take too much I'll tell ya.

Thanks again to you both.
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Some sort of 2150 series Motorcraft 2 barrel. Notorious leaker, staller, fuel sucker .

Probably needs a good tuneup and a good servicing of the carburetor to get it half way square.

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