98 Lumina brake/turn signal switch


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Question 98 Lumina brake/turn signal switch

Hi! I have a 98 Chevy Lumina. My brake lights are out and the turn signals are acting wonky, flashing really fast or sometimes not at all. I've been told the brake lights are wired through the turn signal switch. So I have to get this replaced. I was told by one shop here in Austin that the repair would cost between $250 and $300. Does that sound fair?

Please advise.

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mike from nj
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it might sound fair if that is definitely going to fix the problem.

has anyone inspected this thing yet, like measured voltage at the sockets, or at the connectors, or at the flasher? are the right bulbs in those same sockets? there's a bunch of things to check before throwing parts at a car and hoping, never fix a car based on what "someone says" might be wrong. diagnose it correctly first.
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I haven't had anyone look at it yet, and I will before I get the work done. But I have done a lot of research on the Web, and it seems that not only do a lot of these Luminas have the exact same problem, but a lot of the same problems in general. The brake/turn signal symptoms I am experiencing are exactly what I've found have led others to get this switch replaced. But your suggestions are good ones, and I thank you for them!
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Mike has you 100% right. The switch can easily be checked to see if it is indeed at fault.

Yes a bad turn signal switch will cause what you describe.

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