replacing coolant hose


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replacing coolant hose

i have to replace a coolant hose on my wife's car. 3/4" hose
clamps to overflow bottle on one end but goes to a plastic
t fitting on the other end and i can't get the hose loose from
that end!!
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slice it

Just take a box cutter and slice the hose lengthwise at the fitting then open it with a screwdriver gently.
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thanks, desi501.sounds good i'll do it in the morning!
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Good advice.

Be careful and do not cut all the way through the hose or you may score the fitting and it may leak. As you cut into the hose part way you will be able to spread the cut open and carefully finish cutting almost all the way through. Then you can you can pul the hose apart and peal it off the fitting with out damaging it.

This method is very useful when a hose is stuck to a metal heater core tube or radiator, because if you use force to remove it you can pull the end loose from the solder joint and have a leak.
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Yup, heat and coolant fuse them to the fitting. A light slice and some wiggling and it usually comes right off.

Just did this on my 89 Cavalier this afternoon.

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