disk brakes wearing out and groaning


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disk brakes wearing out and groaning

My front disk brakes (90 Beretta, 3.1) make a loud groaning or grunging sound when I brake moderately hard or more, and on one of them, one pad wears much faster than the other. Someone told me this is because the caliper is not adjusting or sliding freely on the bolt mounting tubes. Can I free this up somehow by lubricating the tubes or removing and cleaning them, or do I have to replace the whole caliper?
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You can clean the slides but If the piston in the caliper is sticking, You should rebuild the caliper or buy a new one. Alot of the times the piston in the caliper is what is sticking, So price a caliper kit and piston,then a caliper.
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darrell McCoy
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If you need calipers, money ahead to buy it as a unit. Dont
try to rebuild it yourself.
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Change calipers in pairs

Since calipers can gradually start to bind up it is always recommender to replace them in pairs. Another source of problems there are the flex hoses. They get swelled inside and although hydraulic pressure can force it's way through, it has a hard time releasing. Personally I always change the hoses with the calipers to have a trouble free future but not everyone goes that direction.
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Agree with all posters. Sounds like the braking system needs some attention.
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IF you suspect the pins are sticking, and your calipers are still in good condition then you can purchase a kit that just includes the rubber o-rings and boots for the pins to slide on. Use the grease supplied with the kit and you will be in good shape. Clean up the pins real good preferably with a wire wheel.
The reason the calipers stick and lock up at times is because few people ever flush the brake system on their cars. Manufacturers recommend flushing the brake system every 2 years. This is important as DOT 3 brake fluid absorbs moisture and will rust your brake system from the inside out.
hope this is helpful to ya,
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I was hoping for a simple answer, and Billy came the closest to it. Yet the other replies tell me that there may not be a simple answer and I have more work to do than I expected. So thank you everyone.

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