Door dilema


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Door dilema

Some stats- 1965 Impala ss conv. 283 PG everyday driver (15k miles this year).

As you might expect the driver side door on this old car has seen some milage and has developed two problems.
1. The door latch mechanism no longer catches the door when shut and holds it snug to the body. When slammed with no hands (this is not sop) the door is rejected as if shaq was present. When shut and then leaned on the catch is engaged but the door is not held snug to the body; the release lever must be activated to open the door at this point. The body lines on the door and body do not line up. The door lines are about 1/2" lower at the latch end.

Repair attempts- I have removed the latch mechanism and all appears to be normal as compared to the passenger door except there is an "upper" spring that is broken. Following the linkage, it appears that the function of the spring is to maintain a tension on the inside door handle and I am ASS-U-ME ing that this is unrelated. I have loosened the 3 top hinge screws and with a jack under the door have tried to align the body lines but I still have the 1/2" delta; feels like I'm jacking up the whole car instead of just the door. I have also tried to adjusted the striker post with no change in performance of the latch mechanism.

2. My second problem is that the nylon runners that run in the drivers side window tracks became brittle and broke off.

Repair attempts- Trying to find new runners; currently have wired the window permanetly up.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciatted.
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Sounds like minimally a couple of wasted hinges. The newer GM ones can be rebuilt with springs and pins. Adjusting the door striker is not the answer. The door is drooping from age. Those doors weigh a ton.

Open the door half way and grab the top and bottom of the door at the back edge. Rock it up and down. If you feel play, you have your answer. Also, frame damage/body sag from this being a convertible is a possibility too.

I come up with part #7580738 for the upper hinge on both sides, and 4841356 for the RH lower hinge. The '83 printing of this 65-75 Chevy parts book I have doesn't show a LH lower hinge, so it's probably obsolete from GM.

Call up some big Chevy parts suppliers such as Danchuck and other specialty Chevy guys, I'm betting these are reproduced now.

Sounds like you need some GM/NOS parts or good reproductions. I have to think these are out there. Try any one of the weatherstripping companies (A&M, Steele, Metro) for the door runners.

Failing that, junkyard or Ebay. I have to think there's a lot for this old bowtie, these are fairly popular and a lot of companies are picking up reproduction parts for these now.

These are great old cars.

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