Dodge D-150 Brake light


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Dodge D-150 Brake light

I have a 1984 Dodge D-150 318 A/T this morning when leaving house my brakes went to the floor and brake light came on and I had to pump brakes to get them so they would not go to floor and stop. This happen before a couple of years ago and it was the Master cylinder. So I went a got new master cylinder and put it on and bled brakes, The brakes seem to be fine now but the brake light won't go off unless I pump the brakes about 10 times. Do you think I might have air still in system would this make the brake light come on? If not what would cause the brake light to stay on unless you pump it? Thanks
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is there still a leak anywhere in the system, like a wheel cylinder or a broken rubber hose. a pin hole will cause this.

just bleed the brakes good until all the air is out and it should reset the light itself(the light comes on for the 'pressure differential valve'---unequal pressure from the front to the rear)
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That depends, was the old master empty when you took it off? If so you have another problem somewhere. If the master still had fluid in it then you just need to bleed some more.
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mike from nj
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or....if you let the master fluid drop down too low while bleeding, you let more air into the system and a bit more bleeding is in order, (i speak from experience here)
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As everyone has stated make sure you have no more leaks. A bad wheel cylinder will leak too and cause the light to come on.

Take all the wheels off after jacking and supporting the vehicle. Look at all the lines closely and then pull off the rear wheels. If there's caked fluid in either wheel, you've found the problem.

In such case, throw out everything back there and replace it. Hardware, both wheel cylinders, friction, have the drums cut (replaced if they are out of spec).

Need to find the cause of the problem. Did you bench bleed the new master? How do you know it's the problem?

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