Help college student driving overheating Jeep!


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Help college student driving overheating Jeep!


My 17 year old daughter must be to class 150 miles away in by 9AM tomorrow.

Her 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo's electric fan will not come on causing overheating. My hope is its just the fuse being blown.
I can not find the correct spot to put try a fuse in.

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

or give us a jingle at 928-204-1030
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Hey Lisa,

Tommorrow, please take my suggestion and edit your original post to delete your phone number! I wish I could help with your Jeep Laredo dilemma. I would suggest you take your time, if only to get the problem corrected without fouling anything else up and arrange for someone to meet your daughter somewhere and take her to class ( a friend, a relative, a classmate). Maybe you could have the Jeep fixed by noonish and can go pick her up in it! Good luck!
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Lisa, your owners manual should have a chart to identify which fuses protect which circuits but i really doubt that would be the problem. A lot of them are powered from fuseable links through relays. It's gererally a relay or motor problem.
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Just trying to understand the time frame here. It is 7:30 pm cst in Kansas City Missouri and more importantly, it is Oct the 19. The above post are dated the Oct 20. When I see the datestamp on this post, I will better understand if we have 4 hours or 24 hours to help this poster.

Second post, editied into the first. Interesting, the timestamps of all the posts changed. sigh. The original two post were dated: 12:33 am Oct 20.
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also the connection or plug could be very faulty. you may want to let it run and mess with the plug area but, be careful not to injure yourself. doug
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Bring power to the fan motor. If it spins, it's a fusible link, relay or temperature switch, or wiring problem.

If the fan doesn't spin with power brought to it, the motor is wasted.
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I had the same problem with the same year vehicle.

The fan has two areas to check. The fuse is near the left kick panel, under the dash.

There is also a relay under the hood, located on the left fender panel.

You also need to check the fan thermostat located on the rear of the lower left radiator, right above the transmission cooler lines.

If you unplug the connector at the temp sensor and jumpper the two pins, the fan should come on.

If it doesnt, its either the fuse or relay.

Most overheating on these jeeps is due to a clogged radiator. Clean it out and seee if that helps.

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Original poster:

Was the problem fixed?

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