New Car questions


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New Car questions

Okay, I just bought a new Mazda Protege5, 2.0 Liter, automatic. And I have a few, all be they dumb, questions:

The owner's manual says oil change every 5k. I go to school here in Knoxville, TN so I guess it is under counrty conditions should one go 5k between changing oil but should I really listen to this? Sounds unconventional in under any driving circumstance.

Also, I'm a tad bit unfamiliar with this new toy. The other day I parked on a hill and in leaving the car I decided I'd better throw on the parking brake, and did so less than half way. When I came back to the car some 2 hours later, the brake lever was quite low and I'd forgotten I even engaged it. I drove off without realizing it was still engaged. A block and a half later I, when I tried to slow down and the car came to a near halt, I realized the damned parking brake was on. I noticed no difference with performance since then. I suppose the only consequence would be excessive wear to the brake lining (that's what I read in the owner's manual). Okay, where can I find out about brake linings, just out of curiosity. Is there a site that explains the brake system so I can get a feel for what I did here? How often is a brake lining replaced?

Lastly, has anyone ever heard of the tornado? You either stick it in the carbeurator or the air intake and it supposedly reduces fuel consumption and increases HP. I seen it on an infomercial and it figures to be a great value ($70). Any thoughts?

Let's go Marlins!!!!

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OK first forget the infomercial gimmicks. THEY DON'T WORK.

I recommend changing the oil every 3000 miles. 5000 may be all they require but that's stretching things. If your going to keep the car for many years, you'll be glad you changed it at smaller intervals.

Now on your brake stuff, a couple of blocks probably didn't do much damage but by all means, don't do it again. You'll burn off thousands of miles of life off your rear brake shoes in just a few miles.
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Myself I never go over 2500 on oil and filter, thats the cheapest thing you will ever put into your car.
Brake wear depends on driver. I have seen front pads go from 20,000 to 70,000 miles. Normally you would replace back drum brakes about once for 2 times on fronts. Again depends on driver.
I dont think you would have cause any damage from what you experienced with your parking brake.
Gas saver devices. A scam. Dont waste your bucks on such garbage. Cars are pretty well engineered for best performance.
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Don't use any infomercial thing, they are just things to make money. Also, no carb on this car. Car carbureters were dead by 1989.
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Yeah Kurt, I know that much. That's how the tornado works for cars that do have carbuerators. For everything since, it's the air intake, I think. I guess I won't be buying one though.

Thanks guys!
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my 2 cents

The tornado is a hoax oil change every 3000 miles and brakes are ok just dont do it again.Did you not see the brake light?
I also have a new car a Toyota Matrix it also says 5000 miles but I do my oil every 3000 but I have stretched to 4000 I hate to admit that.
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Michael, I'm not quite used to the thing. I've only put a couple hundred miles on it. The light was glaring at me and I didn't even notice it. I've since taken precautions so it doesn't happen again, like loweing the tilt on the steering wheel to better see the dash. I've also committed myself to always completely engage the parking brake so that I'll either see that the brake is up when I jump back in the car, or it'll be fully engaged so when I try to drive off, the car can't move. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!
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mike from nj
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there's some interesting posts about oil changes in the last few pages of this forum. might be worth looking into. one starts as "how to make car last past 100K"

other than the 3000 mile oil changes, follow the guideline in the owner's manual for maintenance for the 'severe' driving, you'll have no problems making it last for a long time (the car).
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Thumbs down

Tornados happen in the midwest, not under your hood.

Scam, sham, waste of money. Most "too good to be true" fixes in a bottle and snake oils are.

Follow the maintenance schedule for severe driving to a T as Mike stated and you'll get tired of the car before it gets tired of you.
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Click on this link to see how disk brakes and drum brakes work.

As everybody else said the tornado does not work, just marketing hype.


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If you want to get a little insight into how your brakes work try, or Also follow time guidelines on oil changes. 3 month or 3,000 miles.

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