1964 1/2 mustang won't crank


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1964 1/2 mustang won't crank

1964.5 mustang, 260 v-8, generator, not alternator.

I had started the car twice earlier, and driven on the highway.

Headlights bright. Turn key...maybe one click on starter solenoid then no lights, no radio, nothing electrical at all.

I was able to jump the car off. No gen light or any other issues.

Replaced starter solenoid, no luck.

Grounding problem, dead battery, voltage regulator??? Help!

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well it could be a dead battery or a positive or negative cable problem. if you have a voltmeter you should be able to check battery voltage to determine if its ok also check while someone is trying to crank vehicle over.
you can do voltage drops on the cables by using your voltmeter per example to check the negative cable you would have one lead on the negative terminal and the other on the engine block while having someone attempting to start car read voltmeter if it reads over .5 of a volt there is a problem with that cable or a bad or loose connection on that cable. you can then do the same for the positive cable to solenoid and from solenoid down to starter.
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I'd agree with BeJay. I'm betting on old and poor battery connections.
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Those old Fords had a lot of connection problems at the solonoid and at the starter. You have to actually wire brush the cable and stud.

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