Carb problems


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Angry Carb problems

I have a 87 samurai that is all the sudden having erratic (cycling up and down) idle problems.It run fine at speed but stalling at idle and cycling it seen like it may be flooding.I have to hold all the way down to crank after stall. I have a new airflter ,fuel filter , all vac lines are there and good, pvc is good. These things have a idle up circut for lights and such and I have tried diconnecting it and still nothing. I putt a rag over the carb with the air cleaner off and it will not shut down .I spary around the intake with carb cleaner and propane but got nothing . The plug in the egr valve is not rusted out.I am at a loss gonna check egr tommorow ANY ONE have a clue????

Thanks in advance Will C
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mike from nj
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is this definitely carburated, and does it have any wires going to inside the carb. sounds like the mixture control solenoid system is having problems. you need to get your hands on some good literature to figure this system out.

is the timing ok, belt and ignition timing.

that's about all i can offer, i'm not too familiar with these, sorry
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Good possibility you have a vacuum leak elsewhere in the system too. Check it closely, such as the PCV valve and other main vacuum lines. Replace any that are bad. Also problems with the internals of the carburetor can cause this too.

Check both out and let us know what you find.

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