Replacing ABS brake fluid


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Replacing ABS brake fluid

I have a 1995 Infiniti G20. I replace the brake fluid every time I change the pads (2X).

I was talking with a co-worker of mine about brake maintance and he asked me if I had replaced the fluid in the ABS. My answer was: Uh, yea...I think.

My question is: Does replacing the brake fluid by opening the nipple valve at the wheels and bleeding all the fluid out by simply pumping the brakes, flush out the ABS pump also?

As far as I can tell the ABS does not have a separate fluid reservoir.

Should I even worry about this?


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I believe some ABS systems have a bleeder on them, if it was me, I wouldnt be to concered about it. Me thinks, ABS is more involved than you want to get into as a DIY job.
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I don't know about Infiniti but some ABS units such as GM must be bled with the use of a tech II that the dealer has. The fluid in these units does not mix with the rest of the fluid unless the ABS is activated or a tech II is used.

You are way ahead of most people and you are doing your self a favor by changing the fluid. In fact some manufactures recomend changing every 2 years.

They say it is very bad to compress the caliper pistons and let the contaminated fluid go back up to the master cylinder where it can then get into the ABS unit. You should open the bleed screw at the caliper when compressing the piston so the old fluid goes directly out of the system.

ABS units can be damaged by contaminated fluid ant they are expensive. Just price one.
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good practice

That is a good thing to do change brake fluid I do it but not enough.I had a buddie that did it every year in his 86 Nova,I bought that Nova when he sold it.
The fluid turns black because of I suspect the rubber seals.
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The big reason for changing brake fluid is moisture contamination. Chances are, the fluid contained in that unit never got close enough to air or moisture to have gotten contaminated. You'll be fine with a regular flush.

PS: very good thing to do.
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Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I don't have to worry about it too much.

Yeah, you guys are right on. Brake fluid is very hydrosopic. I alway use Castrol LMA.


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