Time Chain Tensioner disintegrated


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Time Chain Tensioner disintegrated

96 Chevy S10 2.2 liter manual

Okay, we've been tearing this down to repair a terrible noise coming from the crank assembly, and we found the timing chain tensioner chewed to bits by the chain. we removed the cam sprocket and the tensioner. There were little pieces of plastic everywhere. In examining the broken tensioner, we noticed a pretty good sized peice of steel, maybe an inch by two inches, was broken off and unfound. It could only have fallen into the oil pan. Chances are more pieces of the plastic are in the pan too. We've drained the oil, but this vehicle requires ENGINE REMOVAL, to remove the oil pan. There is "some" room from the crank to access the inside of the pan, but how to clean it and recover the pieces??? I'm considering shoving a bedsheet in there and pulling it back out to see what sticks. Somebody must have a better idea...
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Can you flush the pan with some solvent and the stuff will come out the drain plug? PD-680 comes to mind the stuff we use in our parts cleaner machines.
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Flushing would be a good idea. Also if there is room you can try to use a long extendable magnet like you use to pick up small parts you have dropped. You will not get everything but get as much as you can.

The screen on the oil pick up will keep the larger pieces out of the oiling system & the oil filter will get the pieces that get by the oil pump. I guess it is possible to damage the oil pump with metal pieces that could go through it.

You will have to decide if you want to go to the trouble of pulling the pan. I'll bet most people don't even flush and there are probably thousands of engines out there running around with metal & plastic parts in the oil pan.
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also a thought

After you flush and get as much as you can out you can put a thick sheet of plastic between the oil pan and crankshaft and tape it up.Use compressed air to blow the rest out thru the top.
Use saftey glasses.use a blower with a plastic tube so you can get inside.
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a bed sheet---i like that one. make sure you're not around when whoever does the wash finds that one.

plastic in the pan is harmless, it's either stuck on the screen or chopped up by the oil pump. i've replaced a few timing chains where the nylon gears were gone, and no harm to the engine(my own car too).

metal in the pan usually stays there, it doesn't float, and it won't get past the screen, little pieces however, can damage the oil pump gears, but this probably happened a while ago, and whatever damage it's going to do--is already done.

if it will make you sleep easier, what i would do, is get a piece of 1/2" or 3/4" electrical pvc conduit, depending on what size you have to work with in the timing cover area. duct tape that on to the end of a good shop vac and suck everything out of the pan. it can be bent to any shape you want with a little heat and then you can get right to the sump area.

i've heard of people custom bending conduit either in their gas bbq grill or by sticking it onto the end of a car or truck's exhaust pipe. you only need a little heat to do this, and i would squeeze the end somewhat flat too to get into all the corners.

let us know how it goes.
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Yes, I remember these being a story with the oil pan .

I would do as the others suggested..

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