Toyota Plugs and Oxygen sensor.


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Does anyone read what I say?
I have a cast on my whole dam hand! Now maybe you guys can change plugs clean parts, or whatever one handed but I have a problem with it!
I "WILL" do exactly what Larry told me to do when I can, or get some help to do it. Sorry to be abrupt, but I am not in the best mood, now is someone going to ask me why!
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The instruction to clean the sensor was over a few weeks ago, and in the interim we've had a ton of chatter and bandwidth on spark plug type when the correct answer was always in the owner's manual . In my mind that was wasted time, but that's my spin on things.

Bearing that in mind, not sure when you broke your hand, but we thought you had ample time to clean the sensor. It would have been the first thing I tried given that FREE advice is given here by a guy (Larry) whose dealer gets about 75 bones an hour to give you the same advice and not nearly as timely.

I guess what I'm saying is to follow what's been presented here in order so that you have a better chance of solving the problem and people will continue to provide ya with the FREE information which is quite good.

My hat's off to Larry among others here who post as they are all professionals giving of their time for free. Most could be out there making money with their spare time but come here and give it free.

Let us know what you find.
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Don't cut us short.....It's slightly above $100 and hour!

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There you have it Larry, I stand corrected.

Chang: What a value . I know Larry has been a Toyota fixer-upper for a long time (probably about as long as I have been on this earth).
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Pretty close, you got me by maybe 2 years just on Toyota's

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(I was born in 1971 ).

At that time, probably working on a few early "KC" Corollas, Crowns, Carinas and Hi Lux vehicles. LOL

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