94 intreped...part time trans problem


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Salmonslammer I
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94 intreped...part time trans problem

About 5 months ago I bought a 94 with a 3.5L and 70k on it. I love the car, runs and drives well, except...On 3 seperate times the car will not shift into OD. It turns 4k at 55mph but will not shift. If I switch the ignition off for about 5 sec and restrart, everything works fine. All 3 times have been when I was " getting on it" to either merge or pass, usully from a 25 mph roll.

Does Dodge have some sort of electroic shifter that is going bad?? I am tending to think that it is electronic because it works fine 99% of the time......Any thoughts? I can turn a wrench, but I am a moron when it comes to tranys.

BTW, how dependable are those 3.5L?? Any inherent problems that I should know about??

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Check alldata.com for anything...
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mike from nj
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and then after that, see if you can get someone to pull the stored fault codes from the trans. if it isn't shifting, it's because of something, and it will store a code. some say to try autozone for free code checks, but i've never been there to verify that. post the code number and description here and i or someone will help you interpret them. i think 4k at 55mph is second gear, which is the default gear when something electronic goes wrong and cycling the key once will reset this.

3.5L are pretty reliable, most thing we see is a timing belt and water pump go bad, no harm done---no valves will bend, but you will be stuck though. maybe a rare intake manifold will leak and you will have a roung idle. if you tune this up, don't follow any books (including a factory service manual)that tell you to remove the intake plenum to get the wires out, they will fit just fine with it on. plugs can be done easily, just let in some slack on the wires and maybe unplug an injector or two and you will have enough room for the plugs. i would only use 'factory' wires on this, aftermarket ones have a bad habit of not fitting anywhere close and also of breaking on the plug, which makes for an afternoon of cursing to get the old wire parts off the plugs.

the bottom ends are dead reliable, head gaskets don't blow, valve train is completely reliable too, simply change your oil every 3000 miles and you will have no problems. keep your eyes on the crimp fittings on the trans cooler lines(where they transition from steel to rubber) it can leak a little there.

never let this thing overheat though, you will do some damage.

if you should get the codes drawn out, post back in 1 week, i am going away for a week and will be back on NEXT friday.

also, call a dealer with your vin number, ask them if you have any outstanding recalls, the frame reinforcement one is important.
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Yes, AZ does it free, I have been there with a friend while they did his car. They do it with a scanner or code reader (depending on the store). Many other chains have followed suit.

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