fluid on outside of power steering reservoir


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fluid on outside of power steering reservoir

I noticed, when cleaning leaves out from under the hood of my automobile, that my power steering reservoir had an oily looking substance on the outside of it. Would it be possible for the power steering fluid to somehow boil over and be forced out the lid? Or it is more likely that when they changed my oil, they added some power steering fluid and spilled some? I checked the lid and it is on tightly.
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Could be either. Any leaks on the ground? Fluid level ever go down?
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Check the condition of the gasket in the cap. If that is ok make sure the fluid level is not overfilled. Then wipe the reservoir clean. You can use simple green or a similar grease cutting solution to get the oily film off. If the gasket was good and it was not overfilled my bet is someone spilled some fluid.
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Hmm...what kind of car/steering?
What color is the oily substance?
Is the pump anywhere near the oil filter? or filler?
What type of steering fluid does your vehicle use?
It might help because not all use "steering fluid"- I have a one that uses a transmission fluid, bright red, and the steering pump has a tiny weep hole in the cap so if you turn the steering wheel a few times, with the engine off and the fluid at the proper level, (or over to impress your friends), and it squirts right out
I also have a vehicle that I could easily spill oil onto the steering pump when I remove the filter-I haven't yet but I could see it happen...yeah they are pretty close
Now that I think about it, I'm surprised I haven't yet
So...what kind of car?

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