Celica Distributor


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thomas toth
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Celica Distributor

My car won't start. The battery is strong and the starter turns over. Could it be my distributor?
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Doubt it. It helps to know what year and engine size we are talking about. Do you lack fuel or spark?

Start with "Read Here Before Posting" at the top of the forum's page. Let us know what you find.
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thomas toth
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1992 Toyota Celica. 116k miles wont start. fuel supply is good, but no spark. any ideas?
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If there's no spark, first thing I would do is pull the distributor cap off, have someone crank it over and see if the rotor turns. If not, wasted timing belt.

When was the last time the vehicle saw any maintenance?
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Joe's right about the first step. If it turns out to be an ignition only problem, the distributor is very likely since it contains about all of the component for the ignition system re: coil , pick up and usually module. There are test procedures to isolate which one is the cause.

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