1970 Ford F-600 Dump Truck-(330 Big Block Motor??)


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Unhappy 1970 Ford F-600 Dump Truck-(330 Big Block Motor??)

I think I may have been taken on this recent purchase of this old medium size "non-CDL" dump truck. I bought this truck a few days ago from a guy from upstate NY. *I never looked at the truck other than internet photos because it was so far away. However, I told the seller I was only interested in the truck if it was in good running condition & I could get in it and drive it without having to pour any money into it. This gentleman apparently was a "mechanic" and had used this truck for his "firewood" side business. **He assured me everthing was fine with the truck except for cosmetics, and a weak battery, and the guages weren't working properly. Well, he drove this truck down to me from about 150 miles away and met me at a gas station close to my house. He said the only problem he encountered was a broken "fan belt" which he replaced along the way. **Needless to say the truck was not in the condition he led me to believe and I was pretty furious but I basically had to take the truck. I told him I wasn't paying the $3000.00 asking price and he took $400.00 off the price for the "obvious" truck problems like mis-matched front tires, "no" emergency brake, and the interior cab "guages" not working. I was still very leary but I had hoped nothing major was wrong with this truck. He drove the truck to my house and gave me a quick run down on the how to operate the "dump body" and the "manual choke" and that was about it before he left. The next day my friend came over to look at the truck and he said I had a major "oil leak" in the rear of my motor which I never realized because it was raining the day he delivered the truck to me. I started to get really concerned especially when I saw oil leaking out after the motor was turned off. I'm not totally sure on how much the truck loses when it leaks out the rear of the motor but it looks like alot. Although, I did not notice the dip stick level going down *This truck's oil was black like tar so I immediately did a complete "oil change". *The crazy thing about this whole entire nightmare is the motor sounds real smooth when it is warmed up. How bad do you think this "problem is and how much do you think it will cost to have what appears to be the rear main seal changed? I'm really desperate hear because I've spent my little "savings" on this truck and now I think I might be out of luck.
Please send me all and any of your opinions or suggestions regarding this matter?
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If the engine is running well, I think you may be okay, especially after the oil change. The oil that was in it may have been 90w gear oil (old trick to disguise oil leaks, low oil pressure, etc). I would drive it for a couple of weeks and chec k the dipstick daily to see what you've got.
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Ummm, I don't know why you felt compelled to take it. If it isn't what you wanted, you don't have to buy it.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER by a vehicle sight unseen. BAD news. ALWAYS go and see it for yourself. What's "Mint" to the next guy is crap to me.

I remember going to look at an "ORIGINAL" 1979 black special edition Trans Am which was owned by a magazine editor. He wanted $8,000. We discussed the car at length and I asked a ton of questions. It was about 2 hours from me in Upstate NY.

Good thing I asked and I went to see it in person. The "ORIGINAL" vehicle turned out to be missing half the #s matching original parts, and the "RUST FREE" body turned out to have rust in the trunk lid (like many of these cars do). I made the guy pop the trunk (claimed his body men lost the key) and sure enough there was rust where they always have it.

Moral of the story: $2000 car and I quickly passed. Plus the seller didn't know half of what he should and claimed to know. Had I been in "contract" with this guy, I still would have told him to stick it. It isn't what you wanted or expected.

As to your problem, sounds like a lot of old and leaky seals in this motor and yes, it will get worse. The truck was probably only used locally and by driving it long and hard for 150 miles, everything that was "going" has now gone.

You are probably OK, but depending on how you'll use this machine, I would gather it's going to take some money to get it into shape. I wouldn't depend on making my living with this thing until some basic maintenance has been done to it.

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