94 Camaro window motor


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Question 94 Camaro window motor

I have a 94 Camaro w/ a 3.4L V6. I need to know which parts of my window assembly to replace on both of my doors.
I know I have juice to the window motor because i can hear it trying to turn. I can still pull it up by hand, but only a few inches at a time. Then I must wait a minute or so and try pulling it up again. I dont know if I need to replace the window motor or the regulator or both.
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We don't generally guess without taking the window apart but the heating and cooling symptom points to the motor. No guarantees though.
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I picked up a repair manual from the local Advance Auto Parts. I think Ill just take the window out and start looking for the problem. It looks like its a real ____ to get the whole thing out of there. Anybody have an "easier way" to do this, or some advice that will help me to not get caught in a really bad situation because of a mess up at the beginning of disassembly?
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PITA of a job on most vehicles. The window and regulator come out and the motor is serviced outside the vehicle and door.

If the motor always runs but it won't go up, you could have a stripped regulator tape if I have your statement right.

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