slips while parked in gear


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slips while parked in gear

I have my dad's 1991 Ford F-150 truck (6-cyl, 5-spd manual, 4WD, 140000 miles). One of the rear-side emergency brake cables pulled through the tension equalizer, which is unadjustable due to rust. I'm taking the truck in for service after my next paycheck and have been chocking the wheels (I live on a hill).

The problem: initially, I parked with the wheels turned into the downhill curb and slowly released the brakes until the transmission caught. The next day I saw that it had rolled into the curb. On further testing, the truck rolls and inch or two every few seconds when the engine is off and the transmission is engaged.

What sort of problem am I up against? Transmission? Clutch? There's no service log, but I don't recall the transmission or clutch ever needing service. There's no slippage when driving up hills. Shifting from 1st to 2nd gear takes some effort and all gears have some noise (like leaking air) except 4th, probably my dad's favorite gear.

New shocks (disintegrating with rust) and tires are the reason for scheduled service (besides the E-brake), but I'd like to understand what this new problem(s) is before I bring the truck into the shop.

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darrell McCoy
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Must be a steep hill. Compression propably leaking off allowing engine to turn some, if you are pointed downhill try putting it in reverse and see what happens.. Either get the park brake fixed or carry a wheel chock.
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NEVER use the engine only to secure a manual transmission car. Always use the parking brake.

Get it serviced ASAP. Throw out any questionable parts, brakes are not something to gamble with any part of the braking system.

Darrell has it right.

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