Another Problem, different car...


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Another Problem, different car...

It it is Murphy's law, one dies, you think you get it fixed, and there goes another...

Here it is.... My wife has a 1994 Dodge Spirit 4cyl with automatic tranny, $169,000 (serviced) miles. I took the car this morning to get coffee, 2 miles, no problems. Five hours later, I went on a mission to fix my beretta and took the spirit. When I first started the car, I heard a very faint, almost quiet whine, the noise lasted for just a second and then went away. I put the car in reverse and drove for about 1/10 of a mile and without warning the car shut down. It shut down while I was at a stop sign for a brief second. There were no indications it was going to stop ie (shimmying, hestiancy, etc..) I tried to restart and nothing. The car cranks but does not turn over. I parked it and tried an hour later and nothing. All of the electrical ie. radio, lights work.

To help eliminate a few things here is the service done on the car:

Fuel Pump (fully replaced, 2001)
Fuel Filter (replaced every 30K miles)
Altenator (replaced 2002)
Throttle Body (replaced early 2003) that failure was exciting!
O2 sensor and all Plugs (replaced early 2001)
Oil Changes (religiously done every 3K)
Air Filter (replaced evry 30K)

I checked all the fluids and they are good!

Any help on where to look would be great! Since my Beretta (previous post) is down now, I am STUCK!

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Lots of possibilities.

Pull off the distributor cap. Crank it over. Does the rotor turn? If not, wasted timing belt.

Do you have spark at the plugs? Hear the fuel pump come on?

Again, lots of things---back to my "The Basics" for starters.
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I didn't see timing belt in your list. Very, very possible. Does it sound unusual now? If so, more indication of the belt. Like Joe said, pull the dist cap and look. Even if it turns, it could have just jump at couple of teeth but if it doesn't turn, that proof positive. Your lucky, I don't believe that's an interference engine.
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Or, it could just be the danged distributor altogether. It happened to my '95 Galant already. Danged thing just gave with no warning. The mechanic checked by pulling a spark plug out and turning the ignition. No spark [from the pulled plug]=bad distributor. Did I get that right Mr. Cool?

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