need help with 84 dodge


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need help with 84 dodge

Hello, hope someone can help. I have an '84 dodge ram charger that runs great part of the time. It would stall when I came to a stop, like it was idled too low. I took it to a mechanic(recommened by several friends), he said it needed a new carburator. After the new carburator, the dodge ran great until I got it home. Now, when I go up a hill it looses power. It idles great, then when I press the gas pedal it just looses power. Mechanic said it wasn't getting spark from the reostat(sp), he fixed that. He drove it and it ran good, I drove it home again and am having the same problem. Mechanic is stumped. If anyone has any idea what could be wrong, please let me know. Thank you.

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Your original problem sounds like either a vaccuum leak or a bowl ventilation problem. I think a new carburetor is a somewhat extreme measure to fix that problem, but many mechanics don't like to work on the Carter BBD carbs for some reason. I'm just assuming that's what you have as you don't mention engine size or carb type.

Of course that's water under the bridge now. I'd say the new problem is still carb-related. Remanufactured carbs (which I'm guessing you have, although this would also apply to a new one) are generally built to work for many applications, and are set up at the factory to work for the most popular ones. In addition, they get bounced around in shipment which will throw off the factory settings. So it's likely that some internal adjustment will be required before the carb is installed, but most mechanics don't take the time to pull the carb apart and re-check the float level, etc. They generally just slap it on, get it running as good as possible with the external adjustments, and call it good.

A few other areas to check with this type of problem would be the fuel line (including the filter), fuel tank ventilation, and exhaust obstruction, especially the catalytic converter. Also, some Dodges of your vintage had a very primitave computer system; if yours has one, some malfunction there could be the cause of your problems.

However, I think it would be too great of a coincidence to assume it is anything but the recently installed carburetor.
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I'd agree with Duster. A few additional comments:

1) Is it a 2 barrel Carter (not sure they used that this year), 2 barrel Holley or 4 barrel Rochester? What engine size?

2) When was the last time the vehicle saw a tuneup?

3) Off the shelf rebuilds are lackluster, you'd fare better having your original unit rebuilt by someone competent (as noted). Yards ahead of any "generic" replacement.

4) How are the vacuum lines? All there? On in the right spot? Any capped or missing?

Lots of possibilities here, back to the mechanic and have him spend some time with this.

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