Drive belt tensioner on 1995 GMC Safari van


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kwanho lee
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Question Drive belt tensioner on 1995 GMC Safari van

HELP: How do you apply tension back after replacing DRIVE BELT? I replaced drive belt and installed the drive belt tensioner back, but I am not sure how to apply tension back to drive belt. I am working on 1995 GMC Safari all wheel drive van. Thanks.
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if you took the middle bolt loose ( what is sound like) you need a new tensioner
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First off make sure you have the proper sized belt, and that the belt is placed correctly on all pullys. You didn't say if you replaced the tension pully, if you did, make sure its the correct one for the vech. If its the same one, make sure its on properly, they supply their own tension on the belts, they give about 4-5 inches to remove or place a belt. If its on right either you missed a pully with the belt, put the wrong sized belt on, or the tension pully is broke and has to be replaced. If its the latter(and I hope its not),
you'll have to replace it. Check the board I've been at war for a while with my tension pully.
I see that I'm the second person to respond to this query, wait a while, theres a couple ASI certified mechanics on this board who could help you a lot better, be patient, they'll reply when they can I'm sure; they helped me out quite a bit!!

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the tensioner spring loads against the belt..... to get the belt on, you have to apply pressure against the spring....on the pulley end of the tensioner, there should be a square hole that a 3/8 drive ratchet while fit in. If there isn't, the end would look square so an open end wrench will fill over it. it sounds like you don't have the belt routed correctly. There should be a diagram on the fan shroud, or maybe the bottom side of the hood.(hopefully)
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If the diagram is missing, try the Gates website,

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