Broken Tension Pully-Update 3- ALL FIXED!!


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Talking Broken Tension Pully-Update 3- ALL FIXED!!

First off I'd like to thank everyone who replied, there were a lot of ideas thrown at me, and all of them helped me get this task done!!
This is the first (and only) "post board" that I joined, and now I see the benefits of being a part of a group of people who've been there and done that!!
Heres how I fixed the tensioner on a 1991 Chevy Corsica 3.1L v6:
(a bit long, but if I can help someone else, its worth the read.)
Safely raise the car.
Remove the right front wheel.
My splash guard has 3 pieces, remove the front most piece(3 bolts in the wheel well, 2 under the car on the frame.) No need to remove it, just push it down out of the way.
You'll be looking at the main pully, up to the left is the tensioner, you can't get a rachet in on it from here.
Go under the car and put the rachet on the tension bolt, with the piece of splash guard out of the way it will fit, remove the tensioner.
Wipe off any dirt and grime from the pully mount.
You can only get one hand up to the pully from under the car, so take the pully with the bolt in it, and pass it through the wheel well and rest it on the main pully.
With the over-flow reservoir out or tilted on its side, reach into the engine compartment and place the pully onto the mount, make sure the guide pin is in the guide hole, then finger tighten the bolt as far as you can.
At this point you can either use an open box wrench(the new pullys come with flush mount bolts, not recesed) or go back under the car with a ratchet (much faster), and tighten the bolt.
While under the car, make sure the belt is seated correctly on all the pullies. Then check the pullies up top.
Replace the wheel well, the tire, and drop the car- all done.

4 days to figure it out, 1 hour to do the work!!!

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Good job. Necessity=the mother of invention .

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