Escort tail lights


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Escort tail lights

My daughter has a 97 Ford Escort with no tail lights. All other lights in the back end work. The fuse seems ok. My husband couldn't get into the tail light to change the bulbs. The car went to two auto repair shops and they couldn't do it. The dealership wants $60 to change a light bulb and they won't guarantee that they won't break the cover, supposedly a $150 part. This all seems so insane. Does anyone know of an easy way to change this bulb or is there some special tool that one is supposed to use
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Before I would bother getting at the bulbs it would be a good idea to pull loose the electrical connectors and check for voltage with an inexpensive voltage tester/meter. Then you'll know for sure if you have to dig further in or not. I would avoid ANY garage that wanted $60 for the job and talked about maybe breaking $150 light assemblies!

Check autolibrary at this link:

There's an extensive section on replacing bulbs under "Chassis Electrical".

My $.02 worth.
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sedan or wagon? If it's a sedan step (1) open the trunk (2) Remove the 2 rear lamp screws and pull the lamp out (3) Disconnect the rear lamp socket (4) Remove bulb / Wagon has 3 screws and pull lamp, These screws are on the outside of the body but the trunk or hatch covers them up when closed.
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Ummm, I can't see these light bulbs being that hard to do. Use the link TG furnished you.

If not, get a good shop manual for the car or even check the owner's manual. Many detail how the bulbs are changed.

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