1996 dodge stratus


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hann in cambrid
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1996 dodge stratus

I have a 1996 dodge stratus i have not had any trouble with till now the car runs good . when i come to a stop the steering wheel shakes not real bad. driving it its not there or when its in park its fine. i put new plugs in it no change can you help me . harold in cambridge. the car is stoped when the steering wheel shacks.

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it sounds like you need brake job
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modern cars are meant to go 100,000 miles without a tuneup.
you probably have 100k now---go get a tuneup.
you cant tuneup something that needs to be hooked up
to a $100,000 diagnostic machine at home. good luck.
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harold, fatcat is probably right. your engine probably has a slight miss to it. i sort of misunderstood your origional post. you may even get a better diognosis today from one of the professionals on this site. these guys are good!
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The original problem is not clear......

Does it vibrate when braking? Is the engine misfiring? When was the last time it saw service? Is the check engine light on?

Start with "read here before posting" at the top of the forum page.

Cat: 100k tuneup---total fallacy.

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