PCV valve on 98 Nissan Frontier 4 cyl 4x4


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PCV valve on 98 Nissan Frontier 4 cyl 4x4

DOES IT HAVE ONE ? I was doing the 30k service on mine, the OwnerM says replace, but I'll be DANGed if I can find it....

There's a hose about 3/4" diameter coming from a 90 degree fitting in the forward right side of the valve cover, runs back along the valve cover , turns 90 and goes into the bottom of the air filter housing......in the housing there's a pc of foam that covers the fitting that the hose connects too on the housing but no valve......took the hose completely off each end....no valve.....hunted all over the engine.....can't find another source of crankcase venting, but maybe I'll missing it......

Heck, the hid the fuel filter way back down on the inside of the frame back near the fuel tank, and the oil filter they managed to hide down in under the thing that's NOT a carb any more.....you have to change the thing by "feel".....dad-gumedest place to put an oil filter I ever saw, so maybe I've just not located the PCV valve.

I got a new PCV valve from AutoZone when I got the other filters and all, at least the one they show as it, but it looks to fit a smaller hose than described above.....like maybe a 3/8 or 1/2" hose.....

any suggestions ?
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According to Alldata there are 2 hoses that connect to the valve cover from the PCV system. The one closest to the right (passenger) side of the engine is where the PCV Valve is located. It may be under some things and require a bit of dismantling to get to.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Hit the dealer's parts counter. Ask the guy to find it for you and print out the illustration. You'll know what you are looking for .

Done .

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