Busted hose?... coolant leaked out and made A LOT of smoke


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Busted hose?... coolant leaked out and made A LOT of smoke

90 Geo Tracker 133k

All my coolant spilled onto the manifold and made a lot of smoke. I'm assuming a hose busted, but it was dark when this happened. I just got it towed home. Tomorrow when I look...if the hose has a really small hole in it, is there a way to test which hose it was? Or will it be fairly obvious? Also, can I crank it with no coolant or is this really dumb?
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Hoses are normally relatively cheap. If I were you, I would replace both radiator hoses for peace of mind.
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Hoses are pretty old, as Hirsch said replace them both, I would replace the heater hoses also while you are at it. As well do it before you refill coolant system. Only a few bucks more. Check your clamp suppy also.
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Could be a heater hose or a small hose connected to the intake manifold.
I'm not there so I can't see. Put water into the system and start the car
and see where its leaking. Best to change all hoses on that jalopy.
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Throw all the hoses out. LONG overdue. Replace them with new ones. Flush the cooling system and replace the stat.

Sounds like some maintenance would have headed off this problem. Hopefully you didn't overheat the motor, you can cook it in a heartbeat.

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