Not getting spark


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Question Not getting spark

hello i have a ? i have a 1989 ford mustang gt. 4clyinder rear wheel drive its a 2.3 multiport the motor will turn over but it wont start i was wondering if anyone could help me. i dont think it is getting any spark.
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1. Unplug the spark plug wires from the plugs and gently put them back on without making the true connection, have a buddy turn the ignition and see if you are getting any spark on ea. wire.
2. If no, check distributor cap and rotor---see if burnt out
3. if yes, either your timing belt is shot or something else.
4. if belt is OK, you know if it wants to turn over and tries,
spray some Instant Starter spray into carb. unless this is a FI Pinto motor.Good luck
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I didn't know a GT came with a 2.3 (It doesn't....GT's in this year are 5.0)

Check my "The basics" post for starters.
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I never even knew any mustangs had 4 cyl. engines! They don't do they? If they did, we may as well call it a Honda!
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Sure, they had four cylinders starting in 1974 when the Mustang II came aboard from what I remember.
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Assuming that it is a 4 cylinder Mustang, verify that the problem is actually a "no spark" condition.

Like the guys said, make sure your cap and rotor and wires are not old and tires and full of moisture related problems. Verify that the rotor spins when the car is cranked.

If so and u still have no spark, chances are very good thats its the ignition module. Fords around that era love eating those up.

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