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Hi Joe, Happy Halloween

This is for my 88 Camaro VIN E, 305 tbi unit. This ol gal just turned 130k this week, and she is still holding out. However, I do smell a few things coming.

First, I will replace brake calipers entirely (have the parts) To make her smile. But I have noticed a new development in the head/intake area - a slow, bubbling, sticky like leak that kind of oozes a little. Since I have marbles in my engine when I accelerate, I am considering just purchasing new heads with all the upgraded stuff like good valve guides, etc to make her feel better. Few Questions:

1. The Leak: Should I temporarily seal the leak with some additive? Your thoughts please......
2. When I do get around to replacing the heads:
-Can you recommend a good supplier and type?
-Is there a kit to purchase that will cover all the bases? (New bolts, gaskets, etc)
-Will a cylinder compression test alone tell me that the lower half is OK, and that we can proceed with the top build?
3. Can you recommend a better (compatible) TBI unit? Should I put a spacer?

Am I missing anything on this potential project? Please advise when you have the chance, and as always Joe, thank you for giving of your time and talent to less fortunate dinks like me!!!!

Good to be back.......

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A 305 TBI will always be a 305 TBI, so don't try to squeeze blood from a stone---you'll only spend a lot of money and still have a 305

Sounds like now would be the time to lay up the car, pull the motor and give it a complete once over. You could do a top end, sure, but you have a 130k old bottom end.

This is different than say, my former commuting partner's 1988 Caprice 307 wagon. He needed a new engine and had to get the car back into service quickly.

So, he bought a $50 used engine with 130k on it from a guy and this engine looked like hell. In fact, rumor has it that it was removed from a 1987 Caprice wagon owned by Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched Fame. Yes, that's right. LOL.

My coworker basically cleaned it up, spent $300 in expendables, transferred the rest from his original engine (was burning a quart or so a week), and put it in. That was 80,000 miles ago. LOL.

We just drove that machine 6 hours to PA yesterday and it didn't miss a beat. We passed much newer cars stuck on the side of the road.

Yes, there are companies out there that make master engine rebuilding kits. I believe Sealed Power does for one. If not, just ask for complete kits of each thing:

Complete gasket kit: Felpro.
Complete bearing kit: Sealed Power
Complete valve train kit: Sealed power.

Have the heads sent out to a good machine shop and they will set them up for you so you can just drop them back on when you're ready. They can be "tricked" out a bit for more "performance", but again, you've still got a 305 there .

Yes, a compression check will help tell you how things are going in the engine. You can also take the oil pan out and have a look to see what's going on in there too.

My vote would be to clean up the engine and compartment all at once. But, it depends on your goal .

Good luck.

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