removing glue??


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removing glue??

I just bough a 2000 honda civic and i'm in the process of cleaning it. my question is..
how can i remove the glue that's left on from removing the velcrow that keeps the dach board cover from the dash??
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darrell McCoy
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Look for some 3M adhesive remover, but read instructions before you buy it or try it. I have used wifes Avon skin so soft on some and it works, but slow. Might try WD40 on a rag sparingly.
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Thanks!! I will try WD-40..
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Lighter fluid

I have had good luck with lighter fluid it is safe on plastics.I used it to remove glue on the plastic part of my new VCR when I took off the sticker.
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darrell McCoy
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MV is right on, I forgot about that one. Also regular old mineral spirits paint thinner. Either I CRS! or it is senior blackouts I have??? Maybe both.
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GOO GONE! It's citrus based and will not damage dyed vinyl.
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I'd agree with GO. Whatever you use, make sure it doesn't say it will damage vinyl or discolor it. Be judicious in the use of it, so you don't get spots where the velcro was .

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