VW Beetle 2000 2.0L/Temp-check engine light

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VW Beetle 2000 2.0L/Temp-check engine light

I've got a 2000 VW beetle, 2.0 L.

The Check engine light is on. Also, the temp line remains on for a long time and comes on off and on. The car idles rough sometimes. Sometimes I push on the gas and the car doesn't go. Sometimes it runs perfectly. After I warm it up for a long time, it runs better.

I took it to Autozone and they hooked up the OBD and said that I was misfiring on all cylinders and there was also a code for a fuel(?) problem. They couldn't tell me exactly what is the problem.

I disconnected my mass air flow sensor and the car idled better, but still ran bad. I cleaned it with CRC electrical parts cleaner and it still runs bad.

I've got new plugs. I had the problem before I changed the plugs. I don't see any errant sparks from the plug wires.

Any suggestions?

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mike from nj
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Any suggestions?



1. stop going to autozone
2. stop randomly unplugging things
3. stop throwing spark plugs at it
4. STOP driving it with the temp light on

i heard these things had issues with water pumps, like the plastic impeller breaking off inside the water pump. if it was severely overheating, you might have a misfire in each cylinder(along with possible engine damage)

what was the fuel system code that was so conveniently ignored, i bet it's causing your rough idle and "car doesn't go" problem.

free advice from autozone ranks right up there with free legal advice.

(don't trust either)
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Ummm, if you use the AZ data properly, there shouldn't be a problem.

Mike: If he wrote down the codes obtained from their scanner, how would it differ from what he'd get it it brought it to be scanned?

Original poster, check this link:


There have been a ton of bulletins on this little shoe, many emission related. Have the codes scanned again by Autozone, write them down and see if any compare to what's in these bulletin titles. If any do match, see a VW dealer for a printout so you know what you are up against.

If this were my car, a 2000, the dealer would be eating this repair for free under the OEM warranty, but that's me .
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2000 VW Beetle

I have a similar issue. On mine, the water distribution box had a hole in it, so I replaced that, but the Radiator Warning light still flashes. I'm guessing either the sensor on the fill line of the overflow resevoir, or perhaps the thermostat. If anyone has any suggestions, I could really use some input. The radiator fans weren't running at all, but after the box replacement, they are now running normally. The coolant level is at manufacture reccomended level, so I'm really confused with this issue. Sounds like it may be somewhat of a "common" issue with the 2000? Any help would be great.


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