How to change a mustang lock actuator


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How to change a mustang lock actuator

I have a 90 mustang and the actuator no longer works. It has been replaced two or three times over the years and I figure I might as well give it a try to replace it mysefl.

The actuator is attached to the door with what looks to be a big pin. How does one pop or remove this pin to remove the actuator and how does one reattach this pin. It appears that a special tool is required to remove this pin. If not, I gladly welcome the steps required to extract this pin, replace the actuator and replace the pin.
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This is a tough job.
Even the smallest hands will not get down where they need to get that pin out.
The only real way to do this is to drill out the rivet that holds the bracket which holds the actuator. It is located at the lower rear face of the door jamb.
This leaves you with the problem of how to how to re-install the bracket. Most folks don't own the 1/4" blind rivet gun needed to do this, and it is next to impossible to get a bolt in there.
Unless you are really handy, I would leave this job to a glass shop or mechanic with experience behind a door panel.

In addition, you should check the belt weather strips which seal water out of the door at the window. They commonly fail and allow rain water down into the inner door where it can get into the lock actuator, even if the actuator still has the protective rubber boot still on it.
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I agree with CFC.

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