considering an old Mercedes


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considering an old Mercedes

My wife has fallen in love with the look of old mercedes'. She saw an old 1983 300D, cherry straight, garaged, great paint, no rust, perfect leathers, clean engine, owned by father/daughter since it was bought new. All service done at the dealership, still has all paperwork. and here is the hang up..... 228K on it.
I have heard that diesel engines can run forever but I don't know enough about cars to know if that is true or not. She wants $2500 for it. The online blue book said that it should be about $1600.

Concerns? Problems to look for? How is the reputation for mercedes? Does service cost an arm and a leg? Should I counter with the blue book price?

Any hints would be appreciated,

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Do you have a large wallet?Go for it,labor and parts are a litlle high.Old mercedes diesel techs getting hard to
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Parts are high, but the whole car is simple. I have a friend with one of these...they can go (with proper maintainence) 400,000 miles and more. The whole thing is easy to work on. My friend bought one and put some money into it to get it back in good condition. I think he has around $2200,00 in it now, but it's a good ride even though it's pretty slow (no turbo).

I don't know if the asking price is good or not. If you like it and can afford some high repair bills when they come due, then it might be the car for you.
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My friend has an early 80s mercedes gasoline engine one. It has over 350,000 KMS and only now it is having transmission problems. The engine still purrs like a kitten. But he got a rebuilt transmission and now the car is running well again and will for another 300,000 KMS. I would say go for it.
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Cons: Slow, stinky, ugly, old, costs a lot to repair, will cost you your lungs in parts when (not if) things go bad and it's not worth much.

"Advantages": well supported, you can get anything if you want to pay, the MB dealer will gladly take your money and happily service it for you, since you're a$ green a$ the next guy with a newer one.

Me personally? No, it's an ugly,old money pit. But if you're hellbent on buying it, pay a good Mercedes tech to look it over and inspect the records as they know what should be done to these. Then, only buy it if it passes his/her muster.

Your choice, my .02
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My .02 worth is the car is beautiful and a nice ride. You will have enormous repair bills if you can't do a lot of the work yourself. Everything is available to be had. There is a Mercedes club called the Silver Star and you can get lots of tech info and help from there. Parts are EXPENSIVE but the car can run forever. If it's your prime ride I would not do it but if you have backup and a large wallet go for it. Also if you have all the records and the car is in real nice shape it's not worth haggling over a few dollars on the price.
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Are the diesel models totally different cars? My friends isn't stinky at all (not even very ugly, there were MUCH uglier 80s cars.)
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I never had any adoration for a MB until I worked on them for a living. The mid 80's 300D variants are very nice cars if properly maintained. I have seen many with well over 400k miles on them and still running good. They are bad to leak oil and tend to have fuse problems, but other than that I have seen very few with major problems. Maintenance is key to any car and as long as it has been maintained properly, and that doesnt necessarily mean at the dealership, they will virtually last forever.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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