Fan won't work


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Unhappy Fan won't work

I have a 1987 cavalier,4door,4cyl.that the fan won't work.I checked the fuse inside the car( drivers side).Its okay,where's the fuse box under the hood?Is there one and which one is it?Plus is there a relay i should check?I feel heat if i open the vents up so i don't think its the heater core. I turn on the bower and nothing happens.This could this mean bad blower.I also opened the hood and did not see the fan moving, with the swich on.
I did check cyberparts site but nothing on relays or fuses under the hood. Plus i checked my service manual and it does not have this information in it, sorry. Thank you for your time.
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unplug the fan and run the wires directly off the battery, if it still doesn't come on then you need a new fan!
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Sounds like the wrong service manual (i.e. it isn't a GM one, because they cover the blower motor), so I'd consider using that one for a table prop....

As FG noted, if you run direct power to the fan from the battery, does it work? If it does, the problem is elsewhere (switch, blower resistor, wiring, etc). If it doesn't, the fan is wasted. Any auto parts store will have one.
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Unhappy Fan wont work

Ran the jumpers wires fan didnt work. Replaced fan motor still dosent work, and i also replaced coolant switch . Still dosent work .whats next ? I also replaced the blower motor cause it wasnt working either.Checked the fuse again its okay Should i replace the cooling fan relay and the blower relay. I dont mind putting extra parts in cause then they should last awhile.
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Direct connection to the battery and neither new nor old fan worked? Better give that battery a once over
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I'm suspecting a problem with the way these are being tested. did you run a power AND GROUND to the motor terminals?
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STOP!!! Whoa Nelley.

Are we talking about the passenger compartment (A/C and heater) fan or the RADIATOR fan?

If the former, the coolant switch and relay have NOTHING to do with that fan. They DO have something to do with the radiator fan.

Again, which is it and have you checked for power and grounds as suggested?

Don't throw parts at the problem---you've already spent too much on a car that's not worth a whole lot and throwing parts at it won't solve the problem.

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